A Word on "Stuff" 


I promote some brands and products on ethigal, but I want to make one thing very clear to my readers. I don't want you to buy it. Not all of it anyway. Not even most of it. Corporations want consumers to BUY BUY BUY, and I hate to think that I'm acting as an agent of their marketing efforts.

As a consumer, I try to be more ethical and responsible in my purchasing habits. I think twice and ask questions before I buy anything. Did someone suffer to make this item? Is this going to last a long time? Is it made of harmful materials? Will it fall apart, or will I want to get rid of it in a year? Donating the old to make room for the new is not an ethical or green habit. It only outsources the final act of throwing something away to someone else, and can wreak havoc on other communities and local economies.  

Instead of buying new, try to use the things you already have. If you really do have a need, only then should you start asking questions about how a product is manufactured, and how a brand's ethos affects people and the planet. Being an informed consumer is the best way to make ethical choices. That is why I write about "stuff;" to help you make informed decisions.