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Unique Gift Finds from Conscious Retailer AhaLife

Give a gift that's more than just another thing under the tree. If you've put off getting a holiday present until now because you just haven't found anything special enough, Aha Life probably has what you didn't know you've been looking for. I've browsed through some of the thousands of hand crafted items on their website and selected a handful of really lovely ones that I think would make great gifts. It's not too late to order and still receive your items in time for the Christmas holiday, so check out my Aha Life gift guide now!

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Is Your Vegan Handbag Bad for Animals?

I thought I was doing good by purchasing a vegan handbag. Turns out I was supporting a brand that uses toxic materials and unethical manufacturing processes. My lovely "vegan" purse was hurting animals, people, and the environment. Here's how you can avoid making the same mistakes I did, and still find beautiful, ethical, and vegan handbags and other faux leather products.

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