Some Changes

When I launched this site last year, I wanted somewhere to showcase all of the beautiful, ethical products I had discovered on Etsy. 

My previous blog, Small Ones Surround Us, had kind of fallen by the wayside, and I was devoting more of my free time to researching shops to feature on Etsical. 

What I've learned is that:

  1. It takes a LOT of time to find enough of the kinds of shops I wanted to feature on Etsical to feature a new one every single day. Way more time that I can currently devote to searching.
  2. I still have ethical lifestyle tips and experience that I want to share in blog form.

So, I've decided to combine my two sites, Small Ones Surround Us, and Etsical, into one overall Ethical Lifestyle blog. Here it is. I've imported all of the content from both sites into this one. I'll continue to feature Etsy shops that offer ethical products, but I'll feature other ethical products and companies too, as well as tips for living a more ethical lifestyle, and musings from my own life. 

I hope that by not limiting myself to only publishing very specific types of posts, that I can share more of the things that I think are worth sharing!