You Can Recycle That: Bras

In case you didn't already know, October is Bra Recycling Month! Yea, I had no idea either. I guess it makes sense though; it coincides with breast cancer month. Someone decided that it's a thing, which is great because who doesn't have old bras they need to get rid of?

If you have old bras you don't use anymore, but don't want them to end up in a landfill, here are a few great organizations that will help you out.

  • The Bra Recyclers accept used bras via mail or drop-off locations and distribute them to women and girls in transition all over the globe. You can find a drop-off location or ship your bras directly to the organization.
  • Free the Girls is a non-profit organization that refurbishes and sells donated bras, providing jobs to rescued sex trafficking victims.
And if you're really crafty, you can always turn your old bra into a purse!