Buffalo's True Appeal

Since returning to Buffalo last June, I've lost count of the number of times I've been asked "So, why'd you move back?" But I never know how to answer. I always find Buffalo's appeal hard to put into words. But apparently Julia Rocchi didn't. She wrote this article after she spent some time here with the Buffalo Unscripted team to film for the documentary they're putting together for the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference in October. She was able to perfectly articulate the real reasons I love this city. This is why people always tell you "There's no other city like Buffalo." And they're right.

Buffalo shows us how we can reinstate the social systems that hold us together and meld them with the march of progress. When Buffalonians look at their city, they don't see the Rust Belt/snow-encased stereotype the rest of the country pokes fun at. They see neighbors working together. They see progress and reinvention. And they see it all all happening right now. Not in some distant, amorphous future, but in real time, as we speak.

Read the article here.

I BuffaLOVE this city! You will too.