A Quest to Overcome the Winter Crankies

I knew when I made my decision to leave California and move back to Buffalo, it would mean giving up one of my favorite things: bitching about the winter weather. I had a chance for a blizzard-free life but I CHOSE winters in Buffalo. So never again can I whine about being cold, having to dig out my car or wear layers and layers of unattractive clothes. I knew that if I ever WERE to complain to anyone again, that they would have the right to slap me. I accepted all of that when I packed everything I own into my car (again) and headed home.

I gave it up for you, Buffalo.

I told myself that I loved this city enough to embrace winter. I'd start snowboarding again. I'd walk through the park in two feet of snow. I'd learn to ice skate. Go sledding with friends. I'll find a way to overcome my annual case of S.A.D and enjoy myself year round. Yes! I can do this!

But that was in June.

Now it's December. It's cold out. I've had to dig my car out from under a foot of snow. Driving through this lake effect slush is like trying to steer a sheet of cardboard down a slip-n-slide. AND THESE BOOTS I'M WEARING ARE ANYTHING BUT CUTE!

view from my front door

So now's when I'm really going to have to work at not becoming one of those Buffalo weather-bashing naysayers I've been talking about. I really do love this city, and I'm still really happy to be here, in spite of the weather. I'm going to go out and buy myself a sled (if I don't get one for Christmas, hint hint) and drag my friends out to the park for some fresh air and old-fashioned fun (get your snowpants ready people; this is happening.) I'm going to get my snowboard sharpened and tuned up (where's the best place to do that, by the way? Urban? Phatman?) and head out to Holiday Valley.

To keep from being bored and lonely, I'm going to brave the winter driving conditions and check out some of the many events that are always happening around town. The Home for the Holidays concert series will continue for a few more weeks. I'm also looking forward to checking out the Olmsted Nights and Winter Lights show and Flurrious Festival in Delaware Park. I was really sad to have missed the first annual Powder Keg Festival last winter, and am already looking forward to attending it this year. In addition to the events, there are still lots of live theatre performances happening all winter long, museums and gallerys to visit, and of course great food to eat! I haven't been to the new Eights Bistro yet, but their menu has my mouth watering.

To top off all of my winter gallivanting, I'm planning to take some classes this winter. Cone Five Pottery on Hertel Ave. offers pottery classes which I'll be starting in January. I'm hoping also to be accepted for the  Preservation Buffalo Niagara annual docent training classes. I'm clearly a big Buffalo supporter, and a not-too-shabby public speaker if I do say so myself. I think I'd make a pretty awesome Buffalo Tour Guide - don't you?! Maybe I'll even finally take one of the workshops at the WNY Book Arts Collaborative that I've been talking about since I got back.

I'm reminding myself every day that I couldn't really appreciate the warmth and beauty of spring if I didn't have to first endure a little winter. And in the mean time, yes I'm doing my very best to embrace and possibly even enjoy it.

Ok, so maybe I'm not embracing winter quite as wholeheartedly as some, but it's a start. And yes, if you catch me doing any more whining, you have my permission to slap me.