The Secret Gardens of Buffalo

Ever since I was little girl, I've been fascinated by Frances Hodgson Burnett's story of The Secret Garden. In it, a girl discovers a beautiful garden hidden in the middle of her sad and lonely life. Tending to the garden helps her and the damaged people around her to grow and heal.

I've always wanted to discover my own secret garden: a place filled with beautiful flowers that was hidden from the outside world. Today, during Garden Walk Buffalo, I was able to do that.

This year's Garden Walk Buffalo was part of the first annual National Garden Festival. Gardening organizations from the Buffalo Niagara region have come together to create the festival, which consists of five weeks of garden walks, tours, and other events taking place throughout the summer. Visitors have come to Western New York from all over the globe to visit the gardens in what has been called "America's best event of it's kind."

Today I participated in the free festival during the Garden Walk Buffalo. This walk is a self-guided tour that takes place on Buffalo's West side, in the area between Delaware Park and downtown Buffalo. I visited some of Buffalo's beautiful historic neighborhoods and discovered gardens that I would have never imagined could be hidden in them. Behind small cottages were breathtaking sanctuaries filled with gorgeous beds of colorful flowers, peaceful fountains, and beautiful artwork. The painstaking work of the owners results in gardens so lovely that visitors are whisked away to places they thought only existed in storybooks.

I was delighted to be able to discover these secret gardens for myself. I hope to someday have a garden of my own that is even half as beautiful as some of the ones I saw today. In the mean time, the Garden Walk Buffalo helped me to live out a little childhood fantasy of mine. Though this weekend marked the end of the  festival, there are additional garden-related events taking place in Buffalo later this summer.

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