Goodbye co-workers, Purging myself of material possessions, and a side of Buffalo camaraderie

Yesterday was my last day at work. I can recall maybe a few times in my life when I felt so appreciated. They threw me a party (two, if you count the group at happy hour after work) and showered me with kind words, support, and well wishes. I was working with a really incredible group of people who made my days really fun, even when we were super stressed and busy. I liked my job and I think I was pretty good at it. I don't have anything lined up yet for when I get to Buffalo. I can only hope to find a job that I enjoy as much. I'd be lucky to work with people who are half as friendly or creative as those who I have had the pleasure of working with these past 7 months.

I had my moving sale today. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated in the year and a half since I got to California! Luckily today was pretty successful and I was able to unload a lot of it (including my bed, which is getting picked up on Monday. Guess I'll be sleeping on the couch for the week!) It does feel kind of liberating to sell off so many of my possessions. The fact that I didn't hesitate to part with any of it makes me wonder why I bought most of it in the first place.

One of my sale signs said "Moving Back to Buffalo." It was spotted by a guy who happened to also be from Buffalo who was driving by on his way to the beach. He yelled to me from the moving car, and had his friend turn around and come back just so we could talk about Buffalo. There's such a strong sense camaraderie between people from Buffalo; it's one of the things I've missed most about home. We're a community that sticks together and supports one-another. I'm looking forward to feeling like a part of that again.

I'm missing some of my favorite Buffalo events this weekend:
The Buffalo Gay Pride Parade, and The Buffalo Greek Festival (mmm, baklavah!)
I guess I should have made this spur-of-the-moment life decision a little bit earlier. Guess I'll have to wait and write about those events next year.