Festivals Galore, and The Olmsted Parks

Buffalo is a city that knows how to take advantage of summer! There are a dozen things to do on any given day. One could fill up their entire schedule with just festivals and still miss at least half of them! Here is a list of all the festivals happening around Buffalo this summer.

Festival Guide

I've already missed a few of my favorites, but I will definitely be hitting some of these over the next few months!

I spent some time over the past few days enjoying Delaware Park. As most Buffalonians know, it is part of a system of parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted - the same man who created Manhattan's Central Park. The park was built during the 1870s and is, I believe, one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

On Fathers' Day, my brother and I went for a walk with Dad around Hoyt Lake and the Western half of the park. We took some photos around the Japanese gardens, and the rose gardens.

On the edges of the lake are the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Buffalo Historical Society, both of which I plan to revisit this summer. The buildings themselves are beautiful examples of Buffalo's architecture.

Yesterday I walked over to get some exercise around the other half of the park. The eastern side of the park used to be referred to as "Meadow Park." It's the home of yet another stop on my list for this summer: the Buffalo Zoo.

Interested in checking out Delaware Park or one of Buffalo's other beautiful Olmsted parks? Check out the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Web site.