ethigal is a combination of my two previous blogging ventures, Etsical, a curated selection of ethical handmade products and shops, and Small Ones Surround Us, where I featured some ethical lifestyle suggestions.

I found that in both efforts, I was really limiting myself regarding what I should and shouldn't share on the blogs. They were very specific and I was finding it difficult to create content that met the rigid and arbitrary guidelines I had set.

Instead, I want to share everything and anything! So I've decided to give myself permission to do that. On ethigal, I hope to share tidbits about ethical living, including steps I'm taking to live more consciously, and what Iā€™m learning as I try to get there. Hopefully without sounding too preachy or superior along the way. Here, you might find recipes, product reviews, DIY tips, or researched stories about things I think are worth sharing.

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About the Curator

I'm Rachel. Just a gal in Buffalo trying to take responsibility for how my choices affect the people, planet, and living things around me. Steward of one small garden, one rescue dog and cat, and one very patient husband. Always open to suggestions.